Urban Pet Care
guarantees you
peace of mind.
Working long hours and can’t get home to let the dog out midday? Whether it’s a potty break or a walk in the park, Urban Pet Care gives you one less thing to worry about.
Your folks aren’t getting any younger, and you know you need to go spend some time with them. Fluffy’s going to miss you, but Urban Pet Care will take good care of her.
You’re finally able to take that exotic vacation you’ve been dreaming of, but you can’t bring the pets. Don’t worry: Urban Pet Care will keep them company while you’re away.

Work has been overwhelming, and that spa getaway is sure lookin’ good! Rusty will be in good hands with Urban Pet Care while you go soak your aching bones in a hot jacuzzi.

Our services

Urban Pet Care gives you peace of mind with reliable at-home care for your pet(s). Our daily visits include feedings, refreshing water, exercise, cleaning cages, beds or litter boxes, meds if needed, and companionship. With our overnighters, you get security for your home as well. You can trust us to take good care of your cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, snakes, ferrets, mice or rats… even your urban chickens!

A testimonial

Urban Pet Care has been taking care of our dogs for over 10 years: that says it all. Having Terry stay in our home with our dogs makes our trips/vacations guilt free! She’s honest, dependable and, most importantly, an animal lover. Ellie and Wesley love it when Terry stays! If you’re in need of a great caregiver for your pet, this is your girl. Thanks for loving our pups, Terry!
—Clarissa, Kevin, Ellie & Wesley

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Terry Lett, Urban Pet Care
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Our Clients

These are just a few of the “kiddos”.

Lola is mostly an outdoor cat but will come when you shake the treats and call her. She loves time inside for a visit and especially loves to sit on my lap while I comb her. 

Wesley is a senior dog, sometimes shy and quiet, but he loves his cookies. He’s also a great cuddler. He misses his best dog friend Ellie, who passed away earlier this year.

Coco’s a talker, and she loves bags. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are her favorite times of the day… she loves to eat! She’s an indoor cat, so she likes a clean litter box.

Bock was Coco’s dog, a Standard Poodle who loved for me to toss his toys so he could catch them and I could chase him. Bock is no longer with us: RIP, handsome.